End of Journey

I am going to be honest and admit I have not done anything in about the last 2 weeks. Why? I don’t know. I might refuse the call. I was preparing for my theory test in my free time which I think was a priority and I have passed with flying colours, this is one step closer to become a driver which is one of my goal at the moment and by the way on the shape in the little circle it says learn the skills so I guess it is not bad, In the last few weeks I feel so desperate to start my business but I still don’t feel myself fully prepared that is why I want to take the go90grow course which is going to start soon after that I crack n with it for sure:)

I will still read Haanel but won’t do the exercises try to keep up with the webinars as well.

All in all I know it is a shame that I could not finish completely but I am grateful that I have started this course because it definitely changed my view of certain things and I am going take it next year also with more enthusiasm 🙂


MKMMA Week #17review,18

Here we go again. I am still doing the exercises and the sits mostly at the beginning of the week. I don`t do it every day unfortunately, but I try to change it ,this week and do a proper 100% week. As Colin said in his comment last week it is like we have got hole in our feet and the enthusiasm leeks out sometime, so true and a bit funny as well if you visualize it:) Maybe I should use my imagination to fill those holes. When I do the exercises I do everything properly as it should be , I still miss the midday reading sometimes ,but I do it in the afternoon ,I have not always got the chance to be free exactly midday. I am just about to move the shapes on the wall, which honestly I haven’t put out the 2 missing shapes yet, so it is high time to do it:)

One of my goals at the moment that I need to get my driving licence this year because I am fed up sometimes riding a motorbike in this English weather. I learn for my theory almost every day and I have booked my theory for the 23rd of February ,so wish me luck:)

My other goal is to start my network marketing business which is intermit at the moment because I want to learn the skills first, after this course I intend to do the go90grow also. But it is funny that I started to meet people from the past who I didn’t really think about have a good chat and I could write them up on my name list. Also I ordered a book from Eric Worre which is called GoPro. A few days later he had a status on facebook that anyone who likes his post will get a free book and an audiobook for FREE, all what you have to pay is the shipping fee. So 83 thousand people liked his post which is almost $3 million dollars as a gift, how cool is that? This guy really knows how to give more get more!

I really liked the webinar on sunday it always helps to fill those “holes” on my feet:) I watched a documentary movie secret, you might have seen it also. I have seen it before but now I can connect so many things from this course and what they say in the movie, it is really great. I post the trailer if you have not seen it yet I highly recommend it ,I hope you will enjoy it too:)

MKMMA Week#15,16,17

Hey Guys, First of all sorry that I have to do these weeks altogether, but I got off the road but I am back on the path. Thank you for every each of you very much for the comments for the last post it felt really good.

In the last couple of weeks I have not had too much effort about the exercises, those cards confused me a bit also, but now I got it. My believe has wobbled a bit, but now I am ok nowotherwise I would not be here at the moment. I am back on track again and doing what I can I just need to keep reminding myself why I am doing this. The actual problem is that probably I don’t like the work what I am doing now , this is why I am doing the course for one reason ,but when I got home from work I just feel so exhausted sometimes that I just don’t feel I could do the sit, it is easier to grab a beer and chill, but where does it lead? Nowhere. I have enough bad examples in front of me this is not the way to do it. And this is the reason why I am doing this course because I want to stop this being a control freak…and I also need to prioritize things because I think I put too high expectations for myself or I want correspond others and at the end of it is too much so I don’t do anything. I have got a masterminding partner now also Teri and she helped that I just need to remind myself when I come home from work, thanks Teri!:)

But I am going to go slowly but surely just put one brick at a time to build my castle, as OG said “Yet my allotted time I must practice the art of patience for nature acts never in haste.”

MKMMA Week#14

This week I watched the movie Wild. It is about a girl whose mom dies and can not let her go and can’t get through the loss of her mother and she becomes a drug addict and she is having sex with everyone who is asking for it. As soon as she realize what she became she wants to get back to find that person who she used to be, so she goes hiking for a long time. 1000 miles 90 days by herself mostly except the other hikers who she meets. At the beginning she can hardly carry her hiking bag which is about twice of the size of her and she tarts walking. 5 miles a day one step after an other in the desert. At the beginning you would not think that she is going to able to make it but she persist. Her toenail get broken, she loses her shoes but she persist. She extend her trip an other few hundred miles to the Bridge of God and that is where she find herself and let her mother go.

It is a nice movie worth to watch it I highly recommend. I wish I could do this once, just let everything go and go for a trip maybe around Europe. I could not do it by myself though but I guess that would be the point of it, maybe one day…

MKMMA Week#13

Persistence. I am here again:)

So last week has been very busy. I am going to be honest during the last webinar I fall asleep did catch up a little bit yesterday and finish it today. The holidays rolled over my daily routines and I did not do as many sits a I should have, considering also I worked 12 hours shifts(objection) ,so I don`t blame myself. I did not stop ,I will finish it and I will persist until I succeed, no matter what. Even if I miss one reading here or there I know I have already changed.

For example I love to read now, I barely watch any tv since the course started only when I try to switch my brain off. If you read my blog you must have noticed by now that English is not my first language ,so to make it even more effective to read the master keys I asked a friend of mine while she is in Hungary on her Holiday to bring back a copy of the Hungarian version also. What I will do on one day I will read the English one and the other day I will read the Hungarian one it also will save some time because on Mondays I spend quite a lot of time to translate those bits which I can not understand enitrely.

While I was watching the webinar and their mentioned the compass to wear it ,see it more often. It popped in my mind an I set it up as a background on my phone ,so any time I look at my phone BAM there is a compass. Probably other people are using this technique as well and they mentioned in the Alliance area ,should visit more often.

My DMP has nearly finished so I can re-record it. I listen it almost every night while I fall asleep.

I persist until I succeed:)

MKMMA – Week#12

My last post was only a couple of days ago, but I try to make a new habit and do it earlier to make life a bit easier, I hope it will work next week also, it is Christmas so you know what it is going to be like in a supermarket after a 12 hours shift…probably I will be absolutely knackered, but we will find it out.

To learn the network marketing skills is one of my goal to become a professional that is why I want to do the go90grow after the mkmma course ,but meanwhile I try to learn and develop anyway. It is on my POA card as well to watch at least 1 short video daily ,but when I have more free time I enjoy to watch motivational videos also which is really entertaining and I think about a lot what the future is going to be like. This is how I found this video also:

I managed to stay up til 12 last night so I could attend at the online guided meditation which I really enjoyed. Just the thought of it how money people did the same and I really felt connected ,it felt awesome and my body was vibrating it is hard to describe with words but it was really powerful, we could do it more often:)

Whoever is reading this keep up the good work one brick at a time:)

By til next week.

MKMMA Week#11

Sometimes I still have to fight with the old blueprint about the readings, but what helps when I get home after work just chill out a little bit, relax for an hour and then do the activities. I will do the plans on the POA car before the SIT because that normally takes 40-60 minutes with the reading also ,after that I get drowsy. I think I am going the right direction though considering that I do quite a lot of the activities the old me would definitely have not done this much :). What I have read from an other blog it is the chipping away, sometimes the cement comes off at big pieces sometimes at small pieces it is a long process to change ourselves does not happen from a day to an other, but I am really happy with the progress and it definitely changed my thinking, which is what matters:)

I really enjoy the SITs the previous one was really hard but this one was fun to imagine my future and feel it ,especially reading it with my press release, that video and music always gives me goosebumps. My DMP still not 100% I am struggling to find out the sacrifice ,could it be laziness? Laziness and tiredness not the same, sometimes I just need to rest before I do the activities and the time is flying incredibly fast. Finish work get home do some housework and it’s already 11 o`clock, but leave by the compass, keep it in mind, this is for my own good!

What Eileen recommended to do my blogging earlier the week it might help, I will do that next week to make life a bit easier and not to leave everything for the last minute, that’s the next thing to change:)